Personalize Your Property With Stone Features That Are Built to Last

Offering curb and patio installation services in Columbus, OH

Does every plant you touch seem to wither away? If you lack a green thumb, turn to Vasquez Vision, LLC for landscape stones. Laying stone walkways and patios will beautify your yard and you won't have to worry about watering them.

And the best part? We can customize the colors, stone sizes, shapes and patterns to complement your style.

Ready to schedule retaining wall, curb or patio installation services in Columbus, OH? Speak with a member of our staff about your design ideas today.

Use stone features to enhance your outdoor living area

Looking for a way to beautify your landscape? Get stone laying services in Columbus, OH. You can count on us to design and install a one-of-a-kind:

Patio, where you can host cookouts with friends and family all summer long
Curb, that will control water runoff near your walkway, patio, fire pit or driveway
Retaining wall, which can be used as additional seating around your outdoor living area

If you need retaining wall, curb or patio installation services, hire our crew today. You can reach us at 614-647-7222.